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I have been a professional programmer, or software engineer, since 2000, starting mid-way through obtaining my bachelor's degree in computer and information science from the University of Oregon. I practice object-oriented development, and have experience in project management, database design, and the creation and maintenance of web sites and software. I am versatile, creative, and a fast learner. Java and web development are specialties of mine, but I am comfortable with other languages and projects. See the sections on the sidebar for more details, or download my resume in MS Word format through the icon on the left.

About Me:

When I'm not programming, I enjoy creating computer graphics, reading, listening to music, watching movies, and finding interesting deals at garage sales.

Why "Darnbeagles.com"? Blame it on a common surname. When I registered the site, I was looking for a domain name that would be easy for both myself and my family members to remember, to use for email addresses. And as "Lewis" is only slightly less common a name than "Smith", obtaining a domain name with it proved to be virtually impossible. Even "morganlewis.com" is taken by an East Coast law firm. While I was discussing it with my family, my mother was struggling to move in the kitchen around the pack of hounds we had at the time. My father suggested "darn beagles" as a domain that would be easy for the family to remember, and it stuck.